Want Growth In Life? Then Read On!

Being in the 21st century, we all are aware as to how fast our world is changing in every aspect of life. If we don’t start finding new ways of dealing with our problems, we may soon find ourselves wanting.

While playing a guitar may seem an impossible task after one session, people still manage to learn it. Running a full marathon seems a daunting task but people do complete it.

Each individual have their own way of overcoming their obstacles. But all of them were uncomfortable to begin with and all of them found a way and now it’s a way of life.

All of us are capable of finding new ways and adjusting to a new situation. It is only a matter of our will to do it. So how do we become comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Everything is uncomfortable in the beginning. It becomes easier after a while. No child just crawls throughout its life, it learns to walk and then run. They do face difficulties in the beginning, but we all learn how to walk. Teachers are finding it challenging to take online classes nowadays , but they are getting comfortable.

Here is my take on how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable:

Step 1) Beginning to act is important even though it seems uncomfortable. It will get easier every time. But Start Now!

Step 2) Start Small. Nobody is telling you to scale Everest in a day. There are smaller goals to achieve first, like getting to the base camp then the ‘Icefall Stage’, then the ‘Valley Of Silence’ then ‘Lhotse Wall’ and then finally the ‘Summit’. Conquering each stage will push you to go even further.

Step 3) Do something different or outside your comfort zone often. Your brain needs evidence to prove that you are capable of doing something. The only way to achieve that is to try something different. For example, instead of watching a Premier League Match or Talk Show, watch something different like a Udemy Course or go for a run.

If you want growth in life, learn to get uncomfortable.

Nimish Ramesh

Author & Life Coach

Senior HR Professional | Author | Life Coach. Helps people get clarity in their lives, live life on their terms and not be bogged down by societal expectations