You’re in a social gathering, a complete stranger to all and you have to be there for some necessary purpose or reason and you have somehow been successful in initiating a conversation with somebody but can’t find a way out to continue your conversation!

What will you do?

Firstly, be proud of yourself that you’ve taken that first step.

Secondly, it’s not a compulsion for you to continue the conversation. For this, you need to know yourself better. …

How many of us find it really awkward or difficult to start a conversation with a stranger?

First of All, is it really required? What am I going to get from it? The other person should approach me first! Ahh, forget it! It’s waste of time.

Well, according to me, it’s necessary but not a compulsion. Let me explain. Any deed/work/activity that you do will involve another fellow human being in some way. We are social animals. If you notice, people who have a strong network or who are good at networking always find a way out.

You will…

Change in today’s world is too rapid, and we’re in constant pressure to reinvent ourselves and accomplish our goals.

Doesn’t it make sense that whatever you’re doing with enjoyment to achieve whatever you’re up to, chances of accomplishments are high?

Then why do we fail to achieve something? Because you never enjoyed the process! This is because if you would’ve enjoyed the process you would continue the process!!

Enjoying your activity is the spark that ignites your PASSION for that activity. …

No No, this is not about the early morning alarm I am going to talk about but something that has never been more appropriate in my eyes as far as entrepreneurs, businesses and thought leaders are concerned.

Here the focus is only on one aspect and i.e. the most important activity to work on right now. At one moment, you can focus on getting only one thing. You may argue that you wish for a lot of things at once, but believe me, at one particular moment, you can focus on only one. The others will rush in later.

Let’s take examples:

1) A Sehwag cannot be a Dravid but both by themselves are extraordinary. What would have happened if they were trying to become the other one?

2) What if you managed to beat your competition? What next? Will you look for another competitor to beat and in the process waste your time? Even if you find one, and you realize you can’t beat that competition and in the process get stressed? Then why compete in the first place?

3) Why would you compare yourself to others when their likes and dislikes are different than yours? …

Has it ever happened that you’ve surprised yourself with the impact your work has had and you’ve received great accolades for it and you just don’t know how to react in such an awkward situation?

This is because of your lack of Self Awareness. It forms the root of your developmental journey. Unless you know where you stand currently, how then will you set a particular goal for yourself and know whether you’ve progressed or no?

The best way to start is to spend time with yourself. You know your close friends, family well because you’ve spent time with…

Fear is like a protective friend who tries to keep us in a safe environment. But deep down, we all know that if we overcome a particular fear of ours, we would all be relieved and become a much more confident version of yourself!

If we pay close attention to ourselves, all our fears are borne out of our childhood episodes which we might not have put much emphasis on.

1) Fear of failure rises because we all knew what would our friends, teachers in school think if we had to repeat a year.

2) Fear of public speaking…

It’s not your will power but the extent of your desire to achieve something in your life.

If you don’t take the first step with the fear of what our society could say, we are driven by the desire to look good in front of our society. The more the desire, the more the fear.

It is your desire that makes you do extraordinary things like starting a business, scaling Everest, having six packs. Ask these individuals if they will stop trying if people throw tantrums at them.

Your will power is a catalyst to your desire and is…

When you ask yourself as to why you’re not following your dreams, you come up with all excuses possible. Behind these excuses, the root cause is your limiting self-belief in yourself.

This is majorly due to the fear of being judged by your society i.e. not being loved and the fear of not being enough which again leads to not being loved.

There are 5 reasons which stops you from pursuing your dreams:

  1. Lack Of Money: From where do I get so much money? Have you ever decided how much exactly you want? And if yes, have you made…

This is not just any other inspirational post about living with utmost peace and contentment.

If you don’t believe you can live a life of abundance, this is not for you.

Your enemy and your best friend is your mind. Your relationship with your mind is the key to living an abundant life. Have clarity as to what abundance means to you — is it money?

Then How much and for what exactly? Is it happiness, satisfaction, peace, fulfillment that only you can feel and judge?

Here is my way to live a life full of abundance:

  1. It begins…

Nimish Ramesh

Senior HR Professional | Author | Life Coach. Helps people get clarity in their lives, live life on their terms and not be bogged down by societal expectations

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